How to Enjoy Writing

Have you ever wonder why it is so difficult to get up in the morning? Almost all of us experience the grind  of waking up in the morning Once up, what is the take of the day? Do you haphazardly rush through the day without any planning and at the end of the day found yourself exhausted and accomplish nothing for the day? It must be a very stressful day without heading any headway if you don’t have a plan for the day.

So, what must you do in order to be purposeful and having some success for the day? First, you must have a plan for the day, what you want done and accomplish. Secondly, plan what is the top most priority that you want done for the day. Thirdly, find the niche to do what you find is the easiest to accomplish first. Finally, set your goal which is the very task that you want to do for the day .

If you don’t have a plan or goal for the weeks and for the months, you will not have any goal for the day that you should aim at. Having a goal and planning it is important. Without it, you will be aimless and purposeless. How then do you go about planning your day?

You must realise who you want to become first before you can start planning what you want to do. For example, your goal is to be a writer. How then do you go about planning your work tp gain success? You must love learning first before you can write. Read as much as possible the niche of your forte that you want to write. Aim to write those topics that interest you and have a goal to want to write those articles that you have always wanted to write.

The next step is to read magazines on the subjects that pertain to your writing. Study the magazine well and the articles in the magazine. Note how the writers write their articles and seek to follow the style. This is very important, as if you want to sell your articles to the magazine, you must have the articles that they want to publish.

Discover widely the topics in your niche of writing and aim to write at least one article per week. Have a good social life, so that you can explore your circle of interest. Gather information from your peers and have records of your research tack in your record book. You must keep a records of your own research and you can refer to it when you want to write a certain topic.

Attend writers club or conference regularly, so that you can keep in touch with those who write. Fellowshipping with them helps you to  keep in touch in the market level as to what is happening in your writing world. By exploring yourself socially, you can gain a great advantage of spreading your spear of interest in your niche.

As you have a plan for your writing goal, you will come out strong in your writing career. You will then know what you want and what interest you most. You can then plan your writing goal for the weeks, then for the month. Evaluate your writing assignment, how often you write and what you write. At the end of the day, you can only measure what your success are if you diligently seek to plan your work and work your goals.

What is the most pressing thought in your life? Are you a worrier and has no peace of mind? Do you go through the day thinking about the problems that you faced, and nonetheless feeling lousy and defeated? What are your thought pattern daily and how do you face the challenges of life?

The questions may go on and on, but ultimately you need to address yourself as to the struggles that you are facing. Do you feel deliberating in all your doings and you are about to give up? You need to search yourself as to what you are going through and you need to address your situations without becoming overwhelmed. However, the problems that you faced may be challenging but there is no problem too great that you cannot solve it.

How then do you go about solving your problems? Basically the solution to your problems is to know God. God created you in His image and He knows what you are going through. Knowing God equals to solving your problems. It is God who takes care of your future and you may like to commit your life to God. But you may ask as to how you may know God. Well, God sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for your sins, as the whole world’s sin were bored on Jesus’ body and when you believe in Him, you shall be saved. God knows every pain that you go through and as you submit to Jesus, God will meet all your needs. God is interested in who you are as He created you. You are precious in His sight and when you look to God, heaven will open for you and you have asses to God.

Believe in the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved. Submit all your problems to a great God and soon you will be out of your predicament. Submit to God, resist the devil and you will be able to face up with your problems.

Are You Struggling?

How many times must you muse over your problems that life seems to be hard to get by? Are you facing insurmountable hardship that you despair in life? Or, you are facing a huge financial problem that you find it difficult to survive. Whatever your situations are, know that there is always a rainbow in the midst of ridiculous setbacks and turmoils. The thing is, are you able to identify your problems, or are you suck in with your problems that you become irrelevant in life.

What is your motivation to get out of your predicament? First, you must identify what you are going through before you can determine what you want to do with your problem. Secondly, you must act on the necessary resources in order to face up with your situations. Thirdly, you must be determined to get out of your problems before it become insurmountable.

Consider what is your action plan to tackle your predicament, and seek professional help if you can’t solve the problem on your own. Talk to your family members or close associates and share with them your burden and you may want to cry on their shoulder. It is important that you look for a close trusted friend that can help you in your journey, and share your burden with them.

Irregardless of what you are going through, know that there is a God out there who is interested in your predicament. God created you and He knows what you are going through. Only God can help you in your circumstances, as there is none other wiser than God Himself. Trust me that as you commit your situations to God, He will hear your cry and meet your needs just as where you are at. There is nothing too difficult for God as He is the creator of this universe.

Cry out to God and watch Him renew your circumstances with hope, as He is the God of our hope. He is interested to hear our cries as He delights in us calling upon HIm. He is the master builder of all things, and He can sustain you in whatever that you are going through. All you have to do is to reach out to Him.

We just celebrate Christmas, and it is the season to be joyful because God gave His only begotten Son to come into this world and die for our sins. Jesus birth was miraculous, as He was born on a manger, in a horse ranch. God sent His only Son into the world that we might have life in Him, as Jesus bears all our sins and sorrows. He came to redeem us to Himself; when we believe in Jesus, we shall be saved. This is the time to believe in Jesus and give your life to Him. He is interested in everything in you and all that concerns you.

Won’t you give your life to Jesus? He is waiting for you to receive and acknowledge Him as your Saviour, who die on the cross for all your sins. When you believed in Him, you shall be saved. This is the time to give your life to Jesus and acknowledge God to help you solve all your problems as Jesus is waiting for you. Won’t you give your life to Jesus now?

Authentic Food at Katong

What is your favourite food? Do you enjoy eating and frequent different exotic restaurants? Do you have different taste bud for the many different restaurants like Japanese food, Thai food, Korean barbeque, Vietnamese food, or western cuisines like French food, Italian food; or Indian food like the northern style of naan, tandoori chicken, or the hot curry?

Whatever your favourites, know that each taste bud is different, and to each its own; some like spicy food, some prefer blend Chinese food (non spicy), and others prefer cheesy meal with lots of dressings for salad, like french or italian.

I stay at a hot spot where there are many different varieties of food, as you can find Thai, Vietnamese,Japanese, western steak, fast food, Indian food and local Chinese food. The road side lane just outside my house is filled with these different eateries, and it is great to explode the kinds of food that you enjoy.

My favourite foods are Japanese and Thai, and French food too. I love the cheese lobster, overflowing with cheese that melts in your mouth. The lobster is tender and sweet and very delicious. Or, I can choose to eat at an Italian restaurant and have spaghetti with lots of tomato sauce. Another favourite is the hot and spicy thai tomyam soup, that burns my lip. Another choice is the Indian roti-prata, with the hot curry sauce.

There can be no shortage of good food at my area Katong, and there are many new stores too. One of the signature dish is the famous authentic laksa. It is so famous that a bowl costs $5, where it used to be only $3. The soup is super, with the rich taste of the coconut. Everyone talks about the famous laksa stall, and if you have tried that stall, you wouldn’t want to try any other laksa stall.

There is also the famous duck and chicken rice at the corner of the road near my house at the coffee shop. The duck meat is tender and the chicken rice is fragrance rich with chicken oil. The row of shop stalls are famous for all the different foods, like Hainanese chicken rice, seafood, delicious noodles with the different style, and many many more. You must visit Katong to know what I mean.

How to Face Life Difficulties

What is life all about? Do we feel dragged down and disheartened when all else fail? Do you feel that life is highly stressed and you are always bogged down with problems? Perhaps you have recently gone through a crisis and all your hopes in life are dashed. Or perhaps you may face a broken marriage and life seems so meaningless and offensive to you.

Whatever that you are facing, know that it will always get better if you take to time to ponder over your problems and take time to solve them. There is always an answer for any problems that you may face. The thing is, you must take the time to know yourself and always take to opportunity to sort out what needs attention.

All of us faced some kind of trials along life. It is not the trials that pull us down, but rather it is how we treat it that bog us down. If we are negative in approaching our problem, know that we won’t be able to solve them. The thing is, we need to face out with our fears and deal with it as you are able. If you need to talk to someone your problem, then allow yourself to be counselled and allow time to heal your predicament. There is always a rainbow on the other side of the problem. Be positive and handle your situation with care and through time it will heal.

What are you facing in life now? What are some of the most uncomfortable situation that you are going through? If you find no answer to your problem, than the best is to allow time to heal the circumstances. Problem don’t last but our tenacity and zeal will help us tackle our life problem with hope; as there is always an answer to whatever that we go through.

Take time to go through the inventory of your problems and be determined to sort out whatever that irks you. Take time to reflect and allow yourself leeway to put aside the problem temporary to allow yourself time to heal. When you can get to the other side of the boat, you’ll be glad that you could solve the problem and you are yet once again the master of yourself. You must be able to rise up top to face your problem, and you must be determined to solve all your situations and circumstances with gusto, knowing that at the end of time, you will get the better of yourself.

How to Overcome Stress

What makes you tick? What makes a great day for you when all around you may seem chaotic? Pressure and stress are what we are tackling everyday. Whether you are a student or a young working adult, we faced different stress daily. The key is, how can we cope with our lives in the insermountable task that we faced everyday.

Firstly, let’s tackle the problem one by one. What is it that is causing so much stress? Be it people or the work that are giving you the stress, you need to measure the task bit by bit and tackle it.

Secondly, if it is relationship problem, with your colleagues or superior, you need to learn to be patient and tolerant with what you are facing.

Thirdly, you need to measure whether you can weather the storm on your own, or if you need help from your colleagues, how can you attain a favourable position to seek help from them?

Fourthly, do you have the resources and the strategy to help solve your problem? You need to breakdown into small size bit pieces and find ways to tackle your problems. Whatever it is, it takes humility to recognise that you are unable to solve the problems on your own, and you need support from others.

Fifthly, take a lowly position of yourself, and learn to work with others in team work. People may be the most difficult obstacle that you need to work with, and that’s where you need people skill to handle them.

Finally, whatever that works for you that gives you the solution should be the main target that you want to aim at solving your problem. Seek ways to understand what you are going through, and weigh the consequences for each decision made. You need to count the cost in order to gain access to find the solution to your problem.

Whatever it is, never give up on yourself or others, and you need to be like a bull dog that will never let go, come what may that happens. Ultimately, you need to solve your problem with the least stress by absorbing all that you are going through.

Finding the answers to your problems may be the target that you want to aim at. Take your time to go through all that you are weighing, and storm on powerfully to have a solution to your problem; and that may alleviate stress and soon you can handle all that you are going through with one arm.

Bravo, you have solved the problems, and now you just need to relax and take things easy; and let the next cycle of problems that you faced, take you to another level. Count your cost and be sure that you have all the answers at your finger tip.

Facing Life’s Dilemma

What makes you flee for life when all else failed. Be it your financial status or broken marriages, broken dreams or shattered hopes, how would you cope with the adventure of such lives? There are many cares and concerns in this life, we must learn to take care of them. The rags of life can sometimes  take a toll on us, but we must never quit in what we want to achieve in life.

What are some of the concerns that rubbed you off? There are many legitimate concerns in such a fast pace life that we lived in, that we do not know how to cope with the issues of life. Money is one issue that we all struggle with, and your salary may not be sufficient to alleviate the poverty that you experienced. Everyone tries to make their own ends meet, but how do we engage in minimising our spending spree?

Well, in order to save about 10% of your earnings each month, try cutting down on your expenditure on things which are unnecessary. You can eat less at restaurants, and budget the necessary needs that you have, and spend less on whatever that you find yourself splurging on. You can cut down on your shopping for clothes, shoes and other necessity with low budget, and aim to save an extra savings each month.

Adding to life’s struggle may also be relationship that you struggle with, both at home and with your colleagues. Human communication is very important, and if we have despair in our relationship with others, or find ourselves feeling inferior to those around us, you may feel intimidated. Friendship is so important, as we need to relate and communicate daily. Without a healthy relationship with those around us, we may feel down cast and unaccepted. It is so important that we have close friends in order to experience healthy human relations.

Another area that is very important to us is our job. If we have constant conflict with our colleagues, and find yourself job-hopping, than you need to watch out on your own behaviour and character. If you can’t keep yourself long in your job, then aim to find out what is wrong with yourself and study your own character and seek to eradicate your weaknesses. There is skill needed to know how to relate with others, and if we pay attention to our own behaviour, we will minimise our mistakes.

There are many conflicts in life that we must learn to handle. We cannot depend on situations and circumstances when the problem overwhelmed us, than we start to seek for a solution. We need to recognise our own witnesses and strengths, in order for us to tackle the problems in our lives. We must discern and understand where we stood when circumstances are disfavourable towards us. We need to find a solution before we go on in life. Seeking help from friends may help us solve our dilemma better, but ultimately we must take the responsibility to help our own self.

Life is like a cycle. The problem may go round and round on us, but eventually when we can grab hold of our problems, that’s where we can help find a solution. Life is beautiful if we get hold of ourselves, faced the problems we go through, soon we will rise up victorious.